Hi everyone!

Do you feel like dancing today? I do! I feel like dancing EVERY day! I really really really REALLY wish I could break dance! Seriously. I do. I’d wear some killer ripped shirt and some baggy cargo pants and some bitchin’ boots and get down people!

I’m sharing these videos with you today to inspire YOU to dance! I watch “So You Think You Can Dance” and it is such an amazing show! I think it has done so much good in showing how dancers are truly artists and that it takes a lot of work and determination and guts to follow your dream. There is not a lot of work out there for dancers and I hope this show changes that. And I am especially happy that this season has really embraced the break dance/cronk/crump – whatever you call it style and shown that it is an art. it is not just for the streets and done by thugs. it is dance!!!

I’m gonna learn to crunk! I love these 2! They are so cool and nice and hey, with a name like Bliss, you can’t go wrong!!


Let’s Slide Glide!


This girl’s doing basic moves but I love her confidence and I LOVE how supportive the crowd is. You go girl!


Think what a great world it would be if we could battle out our issues through dance!


I was really excited when they showed pole dancing on “So You Think You Can Dance.” I take pole class and it is really hard.


They are trying to make it a legitimate dance, but I think as long as there are titty bars and strippers and guys shoving dollar bills down g-strings, it’s going to be tough to take the sleaze out of pole dancing. And I don’t see titty bars or strippers going away anytime soon. Sorry pole lovin’ ladies!


Even cats can break dance!

Check this kid out! He’s all shy and like “What?” and then he kills it!



I admire these guys. Tough lives and they work out their anger in dance: