Hi saucy ladies!

Have you seen “Magic Mike” yet? GO SEE IT! Why? It’s good, clean fun. Plus, we women deserve it. Day in and day out, women are objectified in well, everything. Commercials, movies showing girls in bikinis, TV shows flaunting T&A. So why not some fun for us women? FINALLY. Some eye candy for ME!

I was with my husband at a café recently and I saw him staring at some bimbo. I got irritated (as any red-blooded, strong woman would). Of course, this is part of life and we ladies just have to deal with our men eyeing the opposite sex. Of course, my husband is a gentleman and glances quickly, trying to act like he’s not looking when I know for sure, that he is. Too funny. I respect that he doesn’t leer. I sat and wondered why I was so mad, considering this is just something that guys do. Then, a light bulb went off. It wasn’t that he was looking at women. It was that there was nothing for ME to look at! Let’s face it, guys have it good. So many women dress to show off their assets – top cut down to THERE with their boobs hanging out, and skirts up to HERE showing off their legs. Tight-fitting, body-conscious. And, to make matters worse, we live near the beach so it’s a bikini wonderland all summer long. Oh joy.

While men get a feast for their eyes, we women are stuck with pretty crappy options. Most guys wear normal clothes, loose fitting and nothing really racy. I see plenty of fitted shirts and tight pants in West Hollywood, but then the thrill is gone since I know they are playing on the wrong team. Where are the hot guys with ripped abs and snug shirts walking around for my enjoyment? Where are the studs with the delicious faded jeans that hug their butt? Where’s the beef?!

The other problem is that most women are picky about their eye candy. While guys will stare at ANY boobs, even if they are attached to the ugliest hag, or drool over a tight dress even when the dress (and woman) is cheap, women like me want the perfect package when it comes to visual stimulation. The guy in the tight shirt doesn’t look so dreamy when he’s wearing a stupid baseball cap backwards and the quintessential gold chain.  And that man with the killer body may kill your buzz when you see his bald head. It’s so very difficult. I love my husband and he is hot, but I need eye entertainment too now and then.

So what’s a frustrated woman supposed to do? Go see “Magic Mike” that’s what!! This movie is pure beefcake at its best. I really hadn’t given Channing Tatum much thought…until now. I hadn’t really noticed him much in “Step Up” and I didn’t see “The Vow” because it looked way too sappy. But when I saw him in Magic Mike? Holy G-string Batman!! This man is HOT! His body is insane. His moves are smokin’. His lips…his smile…well, I could go on for a while. You need to experience this for yourself. The way he gyrates on the floor…well… it got me hot under the collar, that’s for sure. And we all knew that Matthew McConaughey had a great body but lord have mercy does he look rock solid in this!! I also was introduced to Joe Manganiello. Where have you been all my life big boy? Is he human? Am I dreaming??? Alex Pettyfer is hunky too and stands his own although he doesn’t quite have the swagger as some of the other, more seasoned beefcake. I love that this movie fully embraces the cheesiness of the stripping and doesn’t try to make it something that it’s not. It screams “Yes ladies, we are here for your pleasure!” And I for one say “Hallelujah!”

The theater was a sea of women chatting excitedly and there was an entire row of senior citizen ladies, getting all comfy for the big show. My jaw dropped as, halfway through the show, an old women shuffled by with her walker to go to the bathroom. Who knew that a group of stud muffins could bring generations together? So touching. Going into the theater, my friend said that she had actually heard the storyline wasn’t bad, but after the movie, I said “Who gives a sh*t about the storyline??! I want to see more dancing!!” A second serving please.

I do have to note that just because I liked this movie does not mean that I want to run out and stuff dollar bills in some stripper’s crotch. I have been to Chippendale’s, and while it was a fun girl’s night out, the reality of it all can be a little much for me. Sorry to be all prissy about it but watching a stripper dry hump a chick on stage is not that exciting. Plus, going to a movie would not raise my husband’s eyebrows the same as going to some male revue with the girls.

I returned home with my visual stimulator on overload and was happy to see my husband. VERY happy, so I think he, in an indirect way, benefited from the movie as well.