Hi ladies!

I have been watching the news on Colorado, the new Disneyland, where all of the ridiculous potheads are lining up in droves to buy their legal marijuana. Give me a break. All you have to do is look at the crowd going in to see that it is not exactly a high-functioning, professional group. Oh sure, there are exceptions. For all I know, maybe Mark Zuckerberg lights up. Or Oprah (yeah, right). I’m betting against it. Let’s face it – marijuana is more associated with people, like, say Justin Bieber – someone who is not exactly a responsible person and heading for a downward spiral. I once dated a pothead. He was a lawyer, so I figured maybe his casual pot smoking would not affect our relationship, but sure enough, as soon as he lit up, he zoned out and was as interesting and exciting as a roll of toilet paper. Sure, these are my opinions and you may say, “Wait! I’m successful and I light up now and then.” Well, good for you. It causes cancer you know. And it doesn’t exactly make you want to go run a marathon or be productive. You could argue, “What about Amsterdam? The whole country allows pot.” Well, Amsterdam is not exactly a world leader, in really anything. It’s cute and pretty, but it’s not exactly known as a powerhouse of leaders. Plus, pot has been legal there (or let’s just say drug ownership is not enforced) for decades. If we were to legalize pot in the U.S., you can better believe that there would be a period of chaos. People would be buying it up and smoking it up simply because they could. That’s all the incentive they need (see COLORADO). This above discussion could go on for days, but let’s get to the real problem that SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME – If they legalize pot in other states, then that means EVERYONE ELSE who doesn’t smoke pot will now be affected. It’s true. You can increase risks to your health by being exposed to second hand smoke from pot:


 Here’s a scenario – you’re sitting at the park with your kids and someone lights up next to you. You are now smoking with them. You are not as affected as they are by the pot, but you are affected. And your kids too. Doesn’t that sound great? Yes, let’s expose thousands of children to drugs and get them a contact high. Fantastic! We don’t already have enough of a drug problem here – let’s make it worse by exposing the entire younger generation to pot. The same applies if you were sitting at a bus stop. Or how about an apartment? I used to live in an apartment in L.A. where my neighbor was a pothead. It REEKED. The smell wafted right into my place and gave me a headache and it made me feel like crap but there was nothing I could do about it because that jackass had a medical marijuana license (which is as easy to get as a bank card). And my friend had the same problem in her New York apartment with a pot-loving neighbor. She had to tape up one of her vents just to try to keep the smell out. Legalize pot and these problems will be everywhere.

This country has worked so hard to decrease smoking in public areas and to increase awareness of the hazards of smoking to your health. Well what the hell do you think pot smoking will do? Create clean air and sunshine? Nope. Second-hand smoke of any kind is just bad, plain and simple. I’m no saint. I was a former cocktail smoker in New York City. I recall sitting in restaurants puffing away. Remember when you could smoke on a plane and the “smoking” section was 2 rows from the non-smoking? Hilarious. CVS just decided to take tobacco products off their shelves (good for you!) and for years now, many states are making smoking harder and harder. Why? Because it causes CANCER and people who choose not to smoke are affected by YOUR habit. That’s just not fair. Why should we suffer from your addiction? Booze does not have the same problem. Someone could be downing vodka tonics next to me and my health will not be affected. That’s fine by me. (And don’t send me hate mail about how you CAN be affected by other people’s addictions, like drunk drivers, etc. Duh. I’m talking about how a drug immediately affects those around you).

I’m so sick of the news not even talking about the issue of second hand smoke and cancer with pot. NBC did a whole piece on announcing the legalization of pot in Colorado and didn’t ONCE talk about the effects of this on people’s health. WTF? The people in favor of legalizing marijuana talk on and on about how much revenue it will bring the state and how wonderful it is for people to have the freedom of choice. Well guess what? I DON’T have a choice if some ding dong decides to light up a joint. Instead, I get to suffer second hand smoke and worry about it doing bad things to my body. We should all be in control of our own bodies, which means that if you want to go and drink a bottle of vodka, or down a bunch of prescription pills or stick a needle in your arm like poor Philip Seymour Hoffman, that’s your choice, but YOUR CHOICES SHOULD NOT AFFECT MY LIFE OR HEALTH. Keep your addiction to yourself.

Say Nope to Dope. I’ll stick to a glass of red wine, thank you very much.