Bon Appetit Ladies!

Going out to dinner tonight? I hope so! I LOVE going out to eat – having someone else doing the cooking, getting to sample new and interesting cuisine – it’s divine. I wish I could eat out every night (and when I lived in New York City, I almost did!).

The only problem with eating out is that you really don’t know how healthy it is. I have order fish at many places, only to find it sitting in a butter sauce or clearly pan-fried in oil, butter, etc. And I thought I was being healthy ordering sautéed vegetables but soon realized that they tasted so good because the sauce consisted of sugar and probably butter. Darn it!

Also, the amount of sodium they put in food at restaurants these days is outrageous. My husband and I went to a really nice steakhouse (I got fish) and we both were so puffy the next day. My fingers were hot dogs! Gross.

I could order the sauce on the side, and settle for steamed vegetables and poached fish, but for anyone who knows me, I DON’T SETTLE! I want taste and flavor dammit!

So what’s a gourmand to do??

SEASONS 52 restaurant, that’s what. This is such a genius concept, I don’t know why these aren’t all over the country and I certainly don’t know why it took me so long to discover it!

The concept of this upscale restaurant is simple – delicious, healthy, gourmet cuisine – no item has more than 475 calories! That’s healthy! I made a reservation and took the girl that I mentor. I was wary, I must admit. I thought the food might be flavorless, or in tiny, Lilliputian portions but I was thankfully wrong.

We started with the tomato flatbread, which had Parmesan cheese on it. It was delicious and HUGE. We then had salads, which were also huge. Now I know what you’re thinking – it’s salad, of course they can give you a lot. But as you probably have witnessed, many restaurants serve you a salad loaded with dressing, which means you are now eating an unhealthy salad. The salads at Seasons 52 were fresh and good, and had enough dressing to satisfy.

For an entrée, I chose scallops with asparagus and tomato-mushroom pearl pasta, which looked and tasted like Israeli couscous. It was so good! And the portion was huge! I kept staring at the plate, thinking, “No WAY this is under 475 calories!” But it is. My mentee got the Tiger Shrimp with Penne Pasta which was also a generous portion and delicious.

And, of COURSE we had to try the Mini Indulgences desserts, which are like the real thing, but in single-serving shot glasses. They are adorable! The Key Lime Pie was AMAZING! So was the chocolate peanut butter one. And it was just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I think the waiter said the desserts are each under 200 calories, which is fantastic.

They have over 25 locations nationwide.