Hi Ladies!

Are you having a quiet week? I hope so. As we approach a new year, 2012 (wow), I am thinking “What’s so new about it?” It may be a new calendar year, but for me, that’s the end of anything being different.

I will go back to my same job, live in the same house with the same husband. I will have the same clothes (boooooo), the same haircut and wrinkles. I will have the same worries about life, stress, health and the future. I will go back on the same damn diet (booooooo) and worry about my same weight issues. My friends and family are the same people and my dog is the same dog as last year (I hope).

Don’t get me wrong – I take comfort in lots of these things. Humans like routines, familiarity and take comfort in knowing what’s going on. But there is a side of me that really, REALLY wishes there was some exciting way to begin the new year. No, I’m not talking about some lame New Year’s eve party, although I would love to kick of the new year in an exotic place like Bora Bora or Nepal. And no, I’m not talking about lame new year’s resolutions where I promise to start a new exercise routine or do more charitable things (I am always trying to do those things).

I’m talking about something that makes us feel like it is a whole new year, and therefore a whole new outlook on life. Because that’s really the point I’m getting to – we have to go gung-ho into a new year with our old attitude. Harumph. Where does one find inspiration, new excitement, newfound energy? I have no clue. To me, sometimes a new year feels like starting all over again, pushing the boulder up the hill. Is that morbid or what?? It’s not that I am depressed or not looking forward to what the year might bring, it’s just that I feel like I’ve already been doing all these things last year and shouldn’t it be different now? Yeah, well, welcome to life.

Perhaps I should mix it up by having dinner for breakfast? Maybe I should start my day by putting on a ballgown? Or wearing hats? Maybe every day would be different and new if I only spoke in French (which would be extremely difficult since all those years of French class seem to have faded). Do you know how to make the year seem new? Please tell me! I’m dying to know.

For now, I will probably start the new year with the same routine, and at least have comfort in knowing that I know how to do that.