Hi Lovely Ladies!

How has everyone been? Surviving? Thriving? Thinking? Drinking?

I have been slogging through, trying to get the word out on my book. It has been long. It has been hard. There comes those times when I ask “Does anyone care about little ‘ol me?” But then things happen that make you pull up your big girl panties and leave the pity party.

Like the other day.

I met my girlfriend for lunch at Cecconi’s in Hollywood. It’s a swanky little joint that has delicious food and can be the resting spot for many Hollywood types for a meal or drink, or schmoozing, or whatever. My friend and I sat down and started catching up on life. I ordered a glass of champagne. “Why not?” I say. Moments after our arrival, Nigel Lythgoe, the dashing Brit behind “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance” sat at the table next to us. We didn’t think much of it, as this place gets celebs all the time. After some glad-handing and fawning by staff and other guests, Nigel sat down and did his own thing.

So did we. My friend was telling me about this guy she had met at a bookstore who asked for her number. She had had a few great phone conversations and was giddy from the prospect of love. I was elated for her. “So have you gone on a date yet?” I ask. “No, not yet,” she says. “Well, it’s Wednesday. Didn’t he ask you out for the weekend when you spoke to him last night?”  “No…” she says. Hmmm… I continue my questioning, “So how did he end the conversation?” My friend answers that he said he looked forward to talking again or something like that. “TALKING again?” I say. “He’s married,” I state matter-of-factly. “WHAT??!!” my dear friend replies.

Don’t get me wrong ladies. I fully support my single ladies and want to give them every positive encouragement I can for them to find love. But my cynical self must also weigh in on what I see as a bit fishy. So I tell her “When a guy likes a girl, he wants to see her ASAP so he can try to get her dress off and have sex with her because that’s the guy’s first goal.” My friend looks mortified and at this very moment Nigel Lythgoe, at the table next to us, busts out laughing. He was dining alone, so I realize that it was my comments that had made him laugh. I immediately start laughing too and turn bright red. “I’m so sorry,” I say to him. “Was I too loud?” Nigel laughs “Well, you are a bit loud, but I find this conversation very interesting.” I laugh and am still beet red. “Maybe I should join your table,” he jokes. I tell him that he is welcome to join our table but I know he is joking. I ask him “Well, you heard what I said. Am I right?” Nigel looks at my friend and nods. Aha! So, I do know a thing or two about men! Perhaps Nigel was agreeing with me to make me feel good or to be funny. Either way, I proceeded to gloat knowing that my conversation had entertained Nigel Lythgoe and made him laugh.

We continued our conversation and let Nigel enjoy his time to himself. My friend said that maybe this guy she met is a gentleman and isn’t just looking for sex. I replied “My husband is a total gentleman but he wanted to see me, so he made plans quickly.” I added “When a guy is excited about you, they want to see you, in person.” My friend’s face fell a bit and then of course, I felt terrible for squashing her Cloud 9 moment. I told her that he may not be married and maybe he just needs a little push. I told her that the next time she spoke to him, if he doesn’t make a plan to get together, then she should offer. There is nothing wrong with giving the guy a helping hand.

I went home, happy that I could see my friend and also thrilled that perhaps my commentary on men and dating has some worth. If I can make Nigel laugh, then perhaps others will be entertained as well.

Hey Nigel – I have a great idea for a show that takes “Sex and the City” to a whole new level. Have your people call me!  🙂