Have you ever been somewhere and been really annoyed by the noise around you? I was in a cute little French bistro in Seattle the other day, minding my own business, trying to enjoy a leisurely, relaxing latte and almond croissant when I heard this RACKET. So much noise. So much commotion. Coming from a small child a few seats away. Well.

I try to be sensitive to a parent’s predicament when it comes to a screaming, unhappy child. I know tantrums and bursts of emotion cannot be helped and I am the first person on an airplane, in a mall, or in a restaurant, to give them a break. It is common sense that you cannot keep a kid from crying. But this was different. The child was not sad. This little girl was happy as all get out and wanted to go bananas in the café. She ran around talking to her mother at the top of her little lungs, yelling and singing. Isn’t that so cute???

No, it wasn’t. It was annoying as hell and really, really loud. And what did the mother do? Absolutely nothing. She let her child run around like a looney tune while she lazily sat and drank her coffee. The funny thing is that the woman and her daughter were Chinese. What’s that about controlling Tiger Moms? This was no uptight, strict mother. This woman could give a crap about her daughter disturbing the whole place. Just goes to show you that stereotypes don’t always match up.


So, after about 10 minutes of this nonsense, I turned around and said “Shhhhhhhh.” The mother looked at me with daggers and I turned up my nose and turned back to my latte. Excuse me, but why is it okay for a parent to let their kid create a ruckus in a public place and get away with it just because they are a kid? Isn’t it the parent’s responsibility to teach the child manners, especially in public?

ALL SHE HAD TO DO WAS TO EXPLAIN TO HER CHILD TO QUIET DOWN BECAUSE IT’S A PUBLIC PLACE. How hard is that? My friends do it all the time. “Use your inside voice Bradley.” “Not so loud Penny.”

The mom and her menace finally left and the mother gave me the nastiest look on the way out. I returned the compliment. She was probably thinking ‘Bitch.” Well, I don’t care. I am sick of people doing whatever the hell they want with no consideration for those around them. Does she own the café? No. Is this a playground? No, its not. It’s a cute swanky French café. I am a paying customer just like her and it is unfair for her to ruin the atmosphere with her unruly child. Is she better than me because she has a kid? No.

This guy's a good sport! Must be delusional.

Someone needs to tell this kid to quiet down:


Tantrums are expected. I think this mom handles it well. She stays calm and doesn’t give in to the kid.