Hello Awesome Ladies!

Serenity Now!

Today is a glorious day indeed

I only recently planted the seed

Yet the fruits of my labor seem already here

The sun is shining and the skies are clear!!

BECAUSE, you see ladies –


Halleluiah and Zippidy doo dah!

I seriously am in complete and total awe.

It was only two days ago that they got our letter

And already the noise quality is surprisingly better.

Oh just see what a little action and chutzpah can do,

Change can happen – it starts with you!

Of course, I am a bit fearful to claim victory,

As it could be a fluke or maybe they are just toying with me.

Let’s hope they will be nice neighbors and keep the noise down,

Or this smile on my face will quickly turn to a frown,

And I will be forced to continue my quest

Of making my neighborhood the very best!!!


LADIES – If you want to change things and make the world a better place, YOU have to act. It is not going to happen for you. ACT NOW!