Hello Ladies!

Happy Sunday! Happy Easter, Passover and whatever else you want to throw in there!

You know what I like to do on a holiday? besides eating, I love to go out, enjoy the weather and people-watch. And there’s no better place to do that in New York City. One five minute walk along the city streets will send your senses into overload. Anything goes here and you will see anything and everything. Prepsters, hipsters, punk rockers, fashionistas, grungies, bohemians, bankers, high-rollers and low-ballers.

here are just some great fashions I saw. I mostly did the people from the back so as not to intrude on their lives and be obvious that I was taking their photo.

She's rockin' the cam-o and he looks super cool too.

Sure, she's wearing fur and leather pants in the middle of the day, but in NYC, it works!


This guy is hot. The sexy hair that looks effortless, the perfect length dark jeans and the "I'm so cool" jacket. Reminds me of that actor on "The Mentalist" – what's his name again?


Only in New York does this performance artist blend just fine into the environment.

Love the red pants!

The bomb. Look at her super pointy shoulder blades on that jacket and those shoes!

These guys are at the top of my list. Jean vests were in back in the 80s – my time! They are so cool, and they know it.