Kids are wonderful, aren’t they? Parents know how wonderful they are, but parents also complain about them – too much I think! When we can get bogged down about their tantrums, constant questions and unwillingness to go to bed, it’s important to remember how lucky you are to have a healthy, happy kid.

Looks simple, but it's not that way for everyone.

My friend, who is Supermom, is in a position where she is more thankful than most, and relies on hope and love more than most parents. This is because her daughter Natalie, is dealing with an illness that is affecting her ability to walk. Little Natalie will have to undergo a surgery soon, and will be stuck in a cast while most kids will be enjoying the nice, warm weather running around outside playing.

I am not telling this to make you sad or to feel bad. This is the simple truth. And you can help. Please click on the link below and donate. Even $2 can make a difference. If you help, you can say to yourself, “I did something great today,” and we often don’t get to say that.


And the next time you want to moan and groan about your kid, or about your life, just remember how nice is to not worry about something as simple as walking.

Thank you!