Hello Ladies!

Did you have a lovely holiday weekend?? I hope so! I took a nice long break and it was glorious. Thanksgiving is done and while it was stupendous, I am glad to have it in my back pocket of accomplishments. However, it seems to live on…

There are many things that are still hanging around from Thanksgiving that I wish would go away, like:

Leftovers –

Friday, they were exciting. Saturday, they were attacked again with some enthusiasm. Sunday, I wanted to scream at them. I wanted them to disappear. I thought that if I see any more stuffing or sweet potatoes, I might kill myself. I threw them away yesterday and I never want to see them again. End of relationship.

Pie –

The pie was good. Very good. But it is wearing out its welcome and I am ready to let it go. But the pie stays because my husband may start whimpering. Lord help us.

Trash –

It is overflowing. Thank goodness the trash pickup comes tomorrow!


Laundry –

The sheets from the guest room must be washed. But it’s well worth it for having my family stay with me! Still, I wish I didn’t have to do the laundry.

Dishes –

Sure, the dishes from the meal are washed but the Tupperware still piles up due to leftovers.

The hubby frying it up!

Oil –

The husband fried the turkey. It was a triumph. But the oil? Where is the oil? I have no idea what the husband did with it but I suspect that it is living in our garage somewhere. Eeeeewwww.

Now, with all that being said, there are some WONDERFUL things remaining from Thanksgiving that I am tickled pink to have, like:

Flowers –

The beautiful flowers that one sister bought and the other sister arranged are still here. And having flowers in the bathroom – ooh lala.

Wine –

People brought us wine. Yay! It doesn’t go bad and is always welcome at our house.

Napkins –

We used some lovely napkins that were in my husband’s family that I found tucked waaay back in a drawer. It was nice to use something that has meaning. Now they go to the cleaners!!

And the best of all….

Scrabble and family breakfast


I will never forget the first Thanksgiving that my husband and I hosted! And all the wonderful friends and family there and how we made chaos look awesome! And the charades before dessert that had everyone laughing. And, the breakfast sandwiches the next day with leftover ham and Scrabble playing. And watching Monty Python and taking a photo of my sisters asleep on the couch – gotcha!

Now let’s get ready for Christmas and New Year’s Ladies, okay????!!!!