Happy almost weekend ladies! It has been a short week but sometimes that makes the week go slower. Weird huh?

I am continuing my words of wisdom to you from my health retreat. I learned a lot and I’m hoping that passing along the information might help you.

They say don’t sweat the small stuff but many times, it’s the small things that can make a world of difference. Small changes can lead to big results.

SPRAY IT – A healthy foods chef told me that he uses a spray bottle with olive oil for cooking, rather than just pouring the oil in the pan or on fish and veggies. Duh! This made so much sense! Have you ever poured olive oil into a pan and had to lift and swirl the pan so that olive oil got evenly distributed? Or have you poured some oil on veggies and then had to toss forever to get them all coated? Me too! With a spray bottle, you wind up using much less oil and getting a much better, even distribution. My husband bought me this nifty Misto spray gizmo and it works like a charm. You could use Pam but it has added propellant and I feel like real olive oil is just healthier.

Speaking of olive oil, did you know it can be used as a cheap moisturizer? I got this fancy facial and the woman said it was an Olive Oil mask. Huh? She explained that I can just put a dab of olive oil in my hands and rub it on my face. You can even use it on oily skin. Just don’t use it too often and use just a little. So the next time you’re looking at that fancy deep moisturizer in the store, go home and use your trusty, organic olive oil!

MASSAGE MY EGO – Most women get massages only on special occasions, as a treat like your birthday or a girl’s spa day. This is wrong! Massages are so important for your health. The Europeans know this and we should really learn from them. Massages increase circulation and help your body release toxins. And these days, you can find inexpensive massage deals – Groupon always has them. Be careful you don’t go to some seedy place though! I am a member of Massage Envy and I love it. I pay $49 per month and I get one 60 minute massage. It is heaven and it makes me go because I automatically pay for it every month. There are also places where you can pay about $20 to just use their facilities, like the steam or Jacuzzi – also great for you. Los Angeles’ Koreatown has some great places. spaforwomen.php

And, if you are really on a budget, buy a scrub and a loofah. The salt scrubs are good. I also like St. Ives Apricot scrub.  Slough it all over while you are in the shower or bath. It will help your circulation and that we all need!