I hope you are enjoying your weekend ladies!

I am trying to stay away from sweets, which seem to be everywhere (it probably doesn’t help that I keep an emergency brownie mix in my cupboardsat all times).

Sugar is bad. Like, really bad. More studies are coming out now about how sugar is downright evil. Here’s the latest:


The funny thing is, the world doesn’t seem to be listening. More bakeries and sweet shops are popping up on a weekly basis, chocolate is on the rise thanks to studies saying it’s good (by the way, they are referring to a small piece of dark chocolate, not that salted caramel chocolate cake – dammit!.) Am I the ONLY person in America that is over the cupcake craze??!!

I don’t mind so much the bakery with the cookies and the pretty cakes – at least they are making it obvious that what they are selling is dessert. But how about these companies that are making items SEEM okay when they are really as bad as eating McDonald’s or straight candy?

Let’s take coffee for example:

Starbucks has created addicts with its sugar bonanza drinks. A cinnamon Dolce Latte sounds delicious right? It’s coffee so how could it be so bad? Well my friends, it has 40 grams of sugar! 40!! Holy latte Batman, that’s more sugar than some candy bars. But we go into Starbucks en masse with blinders on and order the drink every day and drink it. A friend of mine just told me about her sister who drinks THREE of these kinds of drinks per day! Can you say “Diabetes?” Sugar is addictive and Starbucks knows this. Most people would have a direct IV hookup if they could.

Check out how much sugar your favorite beverage has:


The sugar is not listed right away. You have to click on the specific drink to get the sugar info. Tricky Starbucks…very tricky.

Then there’s the coffee enhancer:

I almost fell over when I saw the commercial for the new Cold Stone Creamery coffee creamer from International Delights. This shit is crazy I’m telling you – CRAZY. Not only is it completely filled with chemicals, but it also has a lot of sugar. Imagine starting your day with this crack coffee? No wonder this country has an obesity problem. The ad makes it out to be something little you do for yourself to jazz up your coffee. Well, you won’t be little if you ingest this crap! Oh, they also have Cinnabon flavor and York Peppermint Pattie. Yuck!

Check them out here:


6 g of sugar for 1 tablespoon

35 calories

1 gram of fat

And how about cream cheese? We already know it isn’t the healthiest of foods, but I admit, I have some in my fridge. I like a good bagel and cream cheese once in a while. But Kraft did not think this was enough. They want to fatten you up with their new Indulgence in “chocolate” flavors. This stuff has 11 grams of sugar for 2 tablespoons. That’s a lot of sugar! And their new Cooking Crème line isn’t much better – not as much sugar, but loaded with calories and fat. In one step, you could make healthy chicken incredibly unhealthy.

Check it out here:


And I just LOVE how Nutella is doing ads that their spread is a healthy breakfast for kids! Just spread on toast and serve! They really ARE nuts!! It makes me sad because I am a big fan of Nutella. It is pure indulgence. I can still taste those Nutella crepes in Greece. I can’t remember the last time I got a French baguette and smeared it with Nutella… oh yeah, I remember why I can’t remember – it’s incredibly fattening and loaded with sugar!!

This stuff has 21 grams of sugar for 2 tablespoons! You better have kids who are running marathons and playing sports all day long if you are planning to load them up on Nutella every morning. See what I mean about their sneaky advertising:


I could go on and on but I won’t. I am just amazed and bewildered how we got to this point of creating, advertising, promoting AND consuming all this garbage! I really hope the sugar studies make some people wake up and smell the coffee (real coffee with milk, not that chemically-enhanced stuff).

Be healthy ladies!