Hi ladies!

The poetry within you wants to get out
So let your voice be heard and shout!

As adults, we learn to cope – with life, stress, sadness, tragedy. We are taught that in order to be an accepted member of society, we are expected to keep our emotions and feelings private. However, some keep them so private that they don’t even admit them to themselves. So what happens is that we end up living in denial and trying to dull or avoid the pain – why do you think prescription medication use and abuse is so high these days? Shootings happening more and more often? Yup. People have lots of emotions but nowhere to put them and feel like no one is listening. Road rage is also on the rise. Lovely.

Here’s what you should do – LET IT OUT. GET IT OUT.

I’m not recommending you walk around town like a crazy person and scream at everyone, or that you go postal at your office and throw things and give your boss a piece of your mind (I know you wish you could). And definitely crying at every public function is just a bad idea (my crazy mother used to do this all the time and embarrass the hell out of us). Do that and the people around you will flee like someone just yelled SHARK!

No, what I recommend is you find an outlet to release your feelings. For some, like me, keeping a journal or writing poetry is a great way to get it out. You may never want to show it to anyone and that’s ok. At least you are releasing your feelings. For some, it’s a physical activity that helps – kickboxing helped me A LOT back in my New York days! Running, painting your house or walls, basketball, gardening – whatever it takes. For others, it’s meditation or some way of relaxing. A hot bath does MIRACLES for my stress levels. But it’s not enough to do these activities if you aren’t also taking a mental audit of what’s going on in your brain.

I really think that we have to be in touch with how we feel about:
Our feelings
Our thoughts
Our dreams
Our fears
Our heartbreak
Our despair
Our opinions
Our love

When you explore these things, only then can you understand WHY you act the way you do and WHAT you need to do about it. Creatively expressing your feelings is such an awesome way to get in touch with who you are on the inside. Poetry. Music. Dance. Art. Photography. Hell – Just yelling or crying by myself at home makes me feel a helluvalot better immediately after. I used to be embarrassed when I would think of something and then start crying and now I realize how dumb that is. I’m at home, by myself – who the hell cares that I’m crying?! GET IT OUT.


Here’s the hard truth – we all have stories in us and those stories shape who we are and how we act. Do you know your story? Do you know who plays the King and Queen and villain and love interest in your story? There is a whole cast of characters in your book and let me tell you, those characters have had and will have an impact on your life so better to know now how they are playing a role.

WHY do this you ask? Why figure out who the characters are in your life and get in touch with how you feel RIGHT NOW?

Because when you do all of this, you understand your own story and you become the active author of your book and you then you can write your own ending.

So, what’s your story??? Tell me!