Hi everyone!

Let’s get this Monday rolling, so it can be Tuesday and one day closer to Friday!!

Am I right or am I right??

I came home from my family vacation to find my mint EXPLODING all over the place! Yay!!!! I am so excited. Flowers are pretty but fresh herbs are so wonderful because they are pretty AND edible. Apple mint is my favorite. It is sweet and very flavorful.

So today I am super grateful for you fresh mint!!

There’s nothing like fresh herbs in a meal and there is so much you can do with mint. Put some in fruit salads, add it to regular salads for a kick (just puree in your dressing), add it to a Chimichurri sauce or pesto. And for drinks, mint is the BOMB BABY!

I am also thankful that every time I smell mint, it reminds me of my Grandpa’s garden. When I was little, we would go out and pick fresh mint for Grandma and Grandpa’s Gin and Tonics. I now enjoy a gin and tonic now and then and MUST have fresh mint. And have you ever tried making fresh mint lemonade? it’s fantastic! Just squeeze lemon juice in blender, add some water and fresh mint and puree! Add agave nectar or sugar to taste. YUM!

My Grandpa is now gone, but the memory of fresh mint lives on in my little garden. You can grow mint outside, in a pot, or inside in a sunny place. of course, you can also get fresh mint at the grocery store.

Look at all the holes in my mint! Aaargh

I am NOT thankful for the damn critters who are also enjoying my mint! I’ve got so many wholes in my mint, they look like swiss cheese! My friend Karin says caterpillars are to blame and she recommends I go out early morning or at sunset when they are out and get them. WHAT?!! I do not have time for caterpillar hunting! My life is way too busy. Weeding and watering are already taking up so much time. Now I have to become an exterminator??!! F that! I’m going to the garden store this weekend and get me some chemical warfare to take those pesky bugs down!

Now go get some mint and enjoy!!