Happy weekend Ladies!!

Tis a glorious day and we should all spend it doing fun and frivolous things, like laying on the beach, reading the paper outside, or spending time with friends and family. I am having an amazing day, thanks to being able to spend it with my Godaughter!

If you have a Godchild, you know how great it is. To me, it is almost more special than family, because someone chose you to be the Godmother of their child. They thought about it, considered people, and selected you! I campaigned heavily to be Ava’s Godmother and I’m happy to say my efforts were a success. Ava is a wonderful girl and will be an incredible woman. I already know that. I walk around like a proud peacock knowing that my dear friend thinks I am a good person for her daughter to be around and thought I was worthy of the title Godmother. That means so much to me.

My Godaughter is strong-willed, like her mother, and resilient and kind. She has a goofy sense of humor, which makes us kindred spirits. I look forward to many years of being able to be involved in her life and watching her blossom. I hope to be able to expose her to many exciting things, like travel, culture and cooking.

I am not thankful for the fact that my Godchild lives in Massachusetts, and I live in California. When she is old enough to get on a plane alone, I will be scheduling visits as quick as you can say “I love my Godaughter!”

Remember ladies – time goes by fast. Your friends and family are the people who will support you, love you, encourage you and be with you, in both good times and bad.

Let’s celebrate all Godchildren today!!! If you haven’t talked to your Godchild or Godparents, give them a call!