Hi everyone!

I started my day today completely humbled…humbled by you. As you know, I ran a contest post a few days ago for a $50 gift card and many have entered. I thank you for your entries!

I especially thank you for your comments. I was really touched and emotionally moved to a serious place of reflection. They were beautiful and powerful. I can see by the comments that many of you are struggling. It is hard times. Some of you asked for a simple haircut or clothes. Some were totally selfless, saying they would buy food for their cat or clothes for their girlfriend. I hope you know what kind and wonderful people you are.

I wish with all my heart that I could make the wishes come true for every single one of you. We all deserve things that make us happy. A haircut or mani/pedi or a new shirt can make us feel better about ourselves – newer, refreshed, pampered. Alas, I can only do my little part in making a difference. I promise that I shall try to do more for you. I will go to my contacts and ask them to give more so I can give more. You deserve this.

I shared some of the comments with my 8 year old niece. Her face became very worried and I could tell that she was also very moved by them. She said “Do you know that some people, people with families, are homeless?” I nodded and we talked about how very lucky we are to have food and shelter and to have the love of our family.

Then, later today, I received an email from a close friend. She got laid off yesterday. Another amazing, hard-working person is now thrown in the turbulent world of the unknown future. It is a scary, stressful and isolating place. My heart goes out to her. I wish I could do something. Concern and love are things I can give.

I thank you all for sharing your wishes with me. And I thank you for giving me new perspective and insight.

This has inspired me to have a few days of thankfulness to share with you. I hope not to get too heavy or emotional. We already have that in our daily lives. But hopefully I can make you smile and laugh and give something back to you.