Happy Friday my dear friends!!

It is the end of the summer and I am very lucky to be in my hometown of Massachusetts!

I know in other parts of the country, there is severe drought and fires. My thoughts are with them as they deal with the stress and hardship of this. I am extremely grateful that here where I am, it is a beautiful summer day.

I am thankful for sunny days and the grass under my feet and the ocean – which are all free!! I hope you can enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the simple beauty of nature.

I’m very thankful for the grass under my feet. What is it about the feel of fresh grass?

I am NOT thankful for the mosquitoes which are EVERYWHERE!! Those little bastards just love my fresh California skin and it’s like a 24-hour All You Can Eat buffet!

My niece’s feet – looking super cool and bug free!

I AM thankful for this nifty little mosquito repellent bracelet which cost $1.29 at Walgreens and works wonders!!

I’m nobody’s lunch today – not on my watch!!