Tomorrow is a big day!!! I hope you are as excited as I am!!

I almost went nuts the other day and caused a panic attack. Why? Because I was having visions of Martha Stewart-ing the hell out of my Thanksgiving. Then, I took some deep breaths and looked in the mirror and said, “Okay, reality check. You are not Martha Stewart and not trying to be, so just do Thanksgiving the way you want to and don’t have a nervous breakdown while doing it.”

Who was this calm, ever-so-wise person talking to me? It was the inner me that is most intelligent and who rarely makes an appearance. I wish this inner me would hang out more often.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, there is no need to go crazy. If you get bogged down in every detail and think that you need to impress the pants off everybody, well, your Thanksgiving is going to suck. Sure, maybe your guests will have fun, but you will be a tired, ragged mess. So, here are some tips that might help:


I had an initial plan to make these lavish, incredible appetizers that everyone would ooh and aah over. But then, my inner self said, “What are you, crazy? The meal is so huge and rich itself, why fill everyone up before the meal?” Totally true. So I say keep it simple with the apps. Maybe some bowls of nuts, a small cheese plate. My sister is making her baked brie and even though it is a heart attack on a plate, it’s a tradition, so it will be present and boy is it good. Serve a light dip and veggies or something light. Remember – the meal should have the spotlight. Result – hours saved in the kitchen by not doing fancy appetizers.

Gorgeous – but I don't have time for this!


I thought I should have the most gorgeous table on earth. I should go out and spend a fortune on centerpieces and accouterments. The Home Depot had these lovely flower centerpieces but they are $19.95 each. After, you would have to throw them out so that would be $40 down the toilet. Nope. Plus, some of these centerpiece ideas are huge and would take up way too much space on the table. Where’s the food gonna go? Then I panicked that I didn’t have enough matching napkins. We have 13 for dinner, which is a large odd number. I was ready to run to the mall and then I stopped and said “F it.” We will create something nice with what we have. One of the best tables I have ever seen was when my cousin Johnnie had a dinner party and none of the china or silverware matched. It looked fantastic.

Nice but then they just get thrown away


Are you a type A personality like myself? Do you want to handle everything yourself so you have full control? Hello, I’m talkin’ to you Martha!! I usually do it all and don’t let anyone help in the kitchen. I want full control. And, I go overboard. My sister STILL can’t get over the fact that I made crackers from scratch.

This should be interesting!

I had planned on the same craziness for tomorrow. Well, time for a new tradition. LET OTHERS HELP AND BRING STUFF. I seriously thought it was rude to have other people bring stuff when you are the host. Now, I know I am seriously insane for thinking that. When my husband said he wanted to deep fry the turkey, I almost cried. He was taking away the main course of the Thanksgiving meal from me. It’s all about the turkey, my friends. How could I let someone else cook it? Then, my inner self whispered to me: “Think how much easier it will be if you don’t have to worry about the bird.” Eureka. So true. Not only do I not have to think about the turkey, but with frying it, the entire oven is now freed up to focus on the sides. Brilliant. Of course, if there is a catastrophe with the turkey, it will be a shame but at least the blame won’t be on me. And we have fire extinguishers and burn cream, so I think we are all set. I have turned over a new leaf. My friend Karen said she wanted to bring a Lemon Meringue pie? I said “Sure!” My friend Wanda wants to bring her famous Monkey bread – done. And my aunt is bringing the ham. Fab.


Some watch football and that is their choice. I feel very blessed that I have a husband who could care less about watching sports. We would much rather be DOING things. So, games will be brought out and I am foreseeing a rowdy game of charades. So much fun with everyone involved!

I plan on a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving – simple, warm and fuzzy.

In short, my dear ladies, Thanksgiving is a day – that’s right. ONE DAY. It is not the be all, end the entire world. Nor should your friends and family judge your skills on this one moment. And you should not judge yourself. The purpose of Thanksgiving is to bring close friends and family together and enjoy each other’s company and eat some good food. Don’t get me wrong – the food is still VERY important. I would cry if the food sucked. I plan on a scrumptious meal. But if I spent it in the kitchen the whole time, slaving then how would I enjoy my guests? Exactly.