Hi Pinkalicious Ladies!

I know I have been complaining lately about parent’s parenting and kids who can be bullies and all that but hey, the good does come with the bad. So, to make amends and put a little yin in my yang, I am going to take this opportunity to talk about how amazing kids are. For as much as I gripe about some kids and parenting situations, I do believe overall that children are amazing and a blessing.


It’s true! Oh to see the world through the eyes of a child!

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have lunch with a bunch of dear friends including Ian and Ted who have adopted an amazing little boy Mikey. He is dreamy, let me tell you. It was so wonderful to be able to spend Father’s Day with them and to see how much love this little family has for each other. This is what I have noticed when a kid is in the picture:

YOU NOTICE MORE – at the restaurant, I hadn’t noticed all the herbs stacked neatly on the shelf. But Mikey did. I hadn’t noticed the light fixtures, but Mikey did. Everything is new and exciting with a child and discovering basic things all over again is so cool.

YOU LAUGH MORE – we all know this one! I think so many men are reborn when they have kids because they get to be a kid themselves and rough house and just be goofy. While my husband is already so good at this, seeing him with Mikey and also my Godson in San Francisco is so adorable, it makes my heart melt. He tickles them, throws them around, chases them. And the things kids do and say – it’s pure entertainment! We all just stared as Mikey attempted to eat a prawn – head and all. It was hilarious. And then, when he was running around with my pashmina wrapped around him, it was so cute!

Real men wear pink!

YOU ARE MORE LOVING AND KINDER – having a kid around is like having the judge and jury (in a good way) of your life. You don’t swear, you mind your manners and you want to show the child how great people can be. I remember when my niece was so little and I became so aware of everything around me and if it was kiddy-approved. That’s when I came up with “Oh fudgsicle!” when I wanted to voice my displeasure and also when I stopped playing my hip-hop music in the car with her.  I sure did get sick of The Wiggles and Veggie-Tales but hey, that’s a small sacrifice for having a great kid around!

YOU ARE CENTERED AND YOU FEEL GOOD – I swear, when Mikey looks at me, I feel like in a Zen state. It just relaxes me. It’s also very intense, because you know they see YOU. There is no BS, no faking it. They see who you are and I truly believe that kids can see a person’s true essence. They don’t see how expensive a person’s outfit is, or how attractive someone is or care if they have acne all over their face. At the restaurant, a woman was there with her daughter and family and she had a shaved head and covered head to toe with tattoos and a few face piercings. This spectacle didn’t even phase little Mikey. My husband commented after the fact about how insane the ink was on the woman, but I said “Hey, that’s who she is.” She also was drop-dead beautiful and had such a pleasant, cool vibe that it was easy to like her. Kids just don’t care about this stuff and we adults shouldn’t either. If only it was like the show “The Voice” where we could hear people talk and express themselves without the immediate judgment of looks. I wish kids could have this innocence forever.

YOU ARE LOVEY DOVEY– Kids love hugs and kisses and they don’t need an occasion to show affection. This is such a great reminder that kindness and affection are amazing qualities and that we should all show them more. There is absolutely nothing that compares to a kid’s hug.

YOU FEEL SPECIAL – I have to admit that when little Mikey saw me and instantly wanted to give me a kiss and then during lunch, came over to me and wanted to sit on my lap and hug me, well, I felt like a million bucks. And I feel that way every time my little niece says she loves me.

That’s it for today ladies. Have you hugged a kid today?!

My niece finding clams in Maine!