Happy Day to you lovely ladies!

I wrote this poem for my sister’s wedding. I was single at the time, so I think I had special insight into just how lucky my sister was to find that special person. Now that I am married, I still think it gives great insight to all couples to never lose sight of the fact that being with the person you love is the most amazing thing in the world. 

Here’s to love!



Never Question when it’s easy,

Those times are meant for you.

Never wonder about the future,

And where it will lead you to.

Never worry about the moments,

When you are angry or upset,

Just focus on the times before you both had met.

A time when love was distant and far away,

When you longed for someone with whom to discuss your day.

A time when true LOVE was merely but a myth,

A time when you didn’t have someone whom to argue with.

So remember as time passes and days turn into years,

This incredible moment when we all were gathered here,

To commemorate a LOVE that had only just begun,

When you looked at each other and said,