How’s your Sunday treating you? Today, I woke up grumpy. I shouldn’t have because it’s another gorgeous sunny day and it’s Sunday! But I did because, you see, my husband has been driving me crazy lately. All married couples go through this – times when you wish they were not them and you weren’t you and that you were off on a fabulous vacation in Paris with your girlfriends, but no, you are stuck at home with this person who is annoying the hell out of you.

EVERYTHING about them seems annoying right now. The way he eats, the constant coughing, his pile of dirty clothes on the floor, his dishes in the dishwasher, the fact that he ate the last of the chocolate…just his general aliveness. It is these moments when you wish he was one of those husbands who traveled ALL the time for work, preferably to far off countries for long periods of time.

I am the cook of the family. It is my own damn fault because I am a Julia Child wanna-be and being in the kitchen is where I feel Zen, happy and creative. So, I have created my own monster when, every night, my husband is expecting dinner to get to the table like magic. I can’t blame him. I could blame myself but that really is no fun at all. So I’ll blame marriage – because marriage creates these expectations, these roles that we each play and expect the other person to play and when those roles aren’t upheld, we get pissed.

So, I’m taking a stand for women everywhere who are expected to make dinner and just don’t give a damn at the moment. Rise up. Barely cook or don’t cook at all. And if he doesn’t like it, hand him a cookbook and tell him to go learn something!

Then, go open some wine, watch your favorite chick flick, take a bath – hell, do whatever you want!