Hi Ladies!

Maybe you are in a chilly place with snow and ice and wind. I ENVY YOU! I know, grass is always greener on the other side. I will be in Miami for Christmas which means it will be about 80 degrees on Christmas day – not exactly a winter wonderland. And, since I live in California, I am REALLY jonesing for some snow. I guess I will just have to make do.  Of course, there are good and bad to every side. So here I have listed some of the pros and cons of a warm weather Christmas.


  1. No snow!!! Boooo
  2. No bundling up in cute scarves or hats or sweaters. BORING
  3. What day is it? It’s hard to remember that it’s Christmas when everyone is walking around in shorts.
  4. No sledding, skiing, snowshoeing.
  5. No cozy fire. I don’t know anyone in Miami who has a fireplace!
  6. A warm cup of cocoa or mulled wine doesn’t really make sense.
  7. The Christmas tree and wreaths wilt faster in the heat.

My hubby in the snow!


  1. Warm and sunny weather makes everyone happy! It’s true. Dark and gloomy can make you sad and low energy.
  2. You can eat outside – breakfast, lunch – whatever!
  3. No hassles – driving is easy – no chance of scary black ice, no putting on 4 layers of clothes just to step out the door. And no mud tracked through the house.
  4. Christmas Lights! Floridians go crazy with the lights to compensate for the non-Christmasy weather.
  5. Swimming and sunbathing! Not a bad way to spend the holiday.
  6. Walking the dog is easy – because you’re not freezing your ass off.
  7. You can wear that cute evening dress and not worry about finding a coat to go over it or worrying about your heels getting ruined by the weather. Plus, your bare legs aren’t freezing!

Eating outside year-round – nice!


I was fair and did equal pros and cons so you can decide which is better. In fact, leave a comment what you like better – A white Christmas or a Warm Christmas!