Hi fellow humans!

Aren’t words beautiful? I love them! I think every day, we miss opportunities to use wonderful words, so here is a poem to hopefully remind you and inspire you.


I’d like to give some special attention,

to some words that deserve mention,

Words that aren’t used much in daily speak,

Unless you’re a writer, a Baby Boomer, or a geek,

There are hundreds that I miss, but here’s a fairly comprehensive list:

Dazzling, spectacular, and splendiferous,

Resplendent, fantastical, spellbound, glorious.

Treacherous, tedious, gruesome and laborious,

Revise, scrutinize, contemptuous and copious.

Tumultuous, dreadful, arduous, ad nauseam,

Ennui, entangled, boudoir, gymnasium.

Dapper, puffery, dilettante, flounce,

Boisterous, gregarious, rant, shun, denounce.

Dismayed, disenchanted, disenfranchised, kerfuffle,

Insurmountable, bound, crestfallen, muffle,

Douchebag, hooligan, jackass, schmuck,

Bogus, bulbous, cuckold, amok.

Goober, lech, dandy, cad,

Captivating, mesmerizing, languid, rad.

Inebriated, strumpet, floozy, swine,

Bountiful, effervescent, verve, divine.

Boast, gag, taunt, and jest,

Devour, indulge, glutton, ingest.

Succumb, annihilate, conspire, contrition,

Rally, victorious, magnanimous, volition.

Dingleberry, stupefied, flabbergasted, schnook,

Spiffy, prolific, and gobbledygook.

Diatribe, breathless, gesticulate,

Stoic, uncanny, stifled, pontificate.

Persnickety, scant, destitute,

Whirlwind, aghast, bewildered, refute.

Scintillating, spellbound, incantation.

Revelry, reconvene, and gentrification.

I could go on with hundreds more,

But I won’t for fear of being a tremendous bore.

These words can make your conversations and writing more meaty, adding oomph and gusto

Pleas feel free to add your own words to this list.