What up ladies??!!

I can’t believe it’s Labor Day this weekend! Where did the summer go? I know I was present for it, but I don’t recall having an entire summer and I definitely can’t figure out why I didn’t have more time to do summer things. But fear not! It is still summer!

My favorite part of summer is that giddy summer feeling. It reminds me of those days as a kid where summer felt endless and carefree. It’s the feeling of complete bliss, where the whole world is there just for you to enjoy. Of course, I really had this feeling on my vacation last week – waking up with the only schedule of figuring out what you were going to eat and when you would play tennis or swim. No schedule. No chores. No work. I love that!!

I plan to try to keep that summer feeling just a little longer. While I do have work and chores and all sorts of responsibilities, I am going to try to carve out some time to just sit and well…do nothing but enjoy the weather! And this weekend is the perfect time to do that.

And the summer foods!! Oh boy did I have fun on vacation! I ate. I drank. I enjoyed ice cream. I am so thankful for summer and letting myself go off my diet and indulge. I love you ice cream!!

Our fridge on vacation was insane! Lobster, beer, wine – oh, and ice cream in the freezer!

While I am back on my serious breakfast of Fiber One cereal and paltry lunches of an apple with some organic peanut butter, I plan to sneak in a bit more of summer’s pleasures. Maybe some ice cream…maybe some potato chips and a cheeseburger. Who knows!

And maybe…just maybe…I’ll allow myself some crisp, cool summer white wine.

Now go out and find a few minutes to sit on a beach, or under a shady tree, or a bike ride, or some BBQ and let summer embrace you.

Thank you summer!!!