Recently, on vacation, I saw my grandfather and I admired his Freemason’s ring. He had received the highest honor for all of his work with the organization. I was envious of the community of men that he was able to be part of for so many years. I also cherish the cookbook that my grandmother gave me which was put together by the Ladies Visiting Committee, which would do good works in their community. And then I wondered why we don’t have anything like this today? There are many great groups, like the Step Up Women’s Group. But it’s difficult to have a close and personal relationship with these groups because they have gotten so big. It’s not as though you can go up and tell them that you are looking for advice on adoption or that you want to learn to ski. So, inspired by the groups of my grandparents, and by other things like the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, sororities, The Women, etc., I would like to put together a group of fantastic women to serve as a community for support, enlightenment, knowledge and inspiration.

I wish I could meet all the fabulous women face to face. Alas, location and life disallow this. So, we will “meet” here to share ideas, information, resources, and stories. I ask that you each bring with you a goal that you wish to achieve. We will call them “Le but” which is goal in French. Your goal can be light and relatively easy, like learning how to garden or starting to learn a new language or sport, volunteering; to something mid-level like running a 5K, going completely green in your home, traveling, getting a dog; to a major goal like buying a home, finding a new job, finding a new love or getting through something very tough. We can each share our goal on the website. It will then be the society’s mission to help all members achieve their goal. There will be an opportunity for each member to offer some suggestions or offer help for the other member’s goals. We will review our goals each month together and reassess them. I will only post those ladies’ goals and comments that allow me to.

NOTE: Any nasty or vicious comments from any lady means “That Ain’t No Lady” and shall be ignored and dismissed immediately. Not in my backyard! Although my own ranting and raving about life is completely allowed because we all need a place to vent, now don’t we ladies? And, sometimes, people need to be called out on their naughty behavior (however these would my funny stories and names will be changed to protect the innocent – or guilty – as the case may be). It is my website after all dammit!

 By telling people of our goals and allowing others to support and help, we can better ourselves and our community. We live in a “me” society and our world is becoming more and more impersonal. I hope the Ladies in the Pink Society will be able to give us a sense of solidarity and offer a special community where we can build friendships to last a lifetime, all while supporting one another and doing some good!!

 In my blog, I will share personal stories of life, love and the pursuit of fabulousness and will bring something to share – whether a book I want to pass along, an interesting article, a health tip, a great new hairdresser or nail place (sorry non-locals to the OC), name of a great wine – anything. I encourage the other Ladies to offer the same to me so that I can pass it along – pay it forward.