Hi Health-conscious ladies!

What’s for breakfast? Bagel and cream cheese? Delicious! Eggs and bacon? Yum! Pancakes? Soooo good.

But not the best breakfast my dear health-conscious ladies. So what to eat? I tried cereal which isn’t bad, egg white scramble  – okay but a lot of pans and whatnot and not the best flavor. So may I suggest a green juice?

We are supposed to eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies every day. Most of us don’t. So if you can start your day off on the right foot packing your system with a big WHAM of nutrients and vitamins, what’s not to love?!

Let me introduce you to my leetle friend (say in Scarface accent) – the Vitamix!!!!

Isn't it stunning?!


Oh how I love this machine!!! I was at a health conference for work and I walked by and saw a big commotion going on at a booth. Sure enough, as I got closer, I saw a guy with the headset and all doing his dog and pony show whipping up juices, soups, even instant sorbet. Well, the sales job worked on me! So much easier than a food processor or those complicated juicers with a lot of parts. This machine has 2 parts- that’s it. Cleaning it takes 1 minute – I am serious!

You may know from my past posts that getting to like green juice was a process for me, baby steps. But I got there and let me tell you folks, now I love it!! So I was already thinking of getting a juicer. I had been buying green juice from the store – Evolution brand, and it is delicious but EXPENSIVE. If I had my own juicer, I could save a lot of dough and create whatever drink I wanted.

NOTE LADIES – fresh juices and smoothies are great and healthy but BE CAREFUL what you put in them. A juice of all fruit ends up being a lot of sugar and calories, which you are going to have to try and burn off at some point (no fun). But the green juices are low sugar and low calorie and packed with all the stuff you need.

NOTE 2 LADIES – there are some good store-bough fresh juices. Make sure you look at the nutritional info though. I thought Naked Juice’s GREEN MACHINE drink was great but it is misleading – it is a lot of fruit and very high calorie and sugar. My client who is a health expert took a look at the Green Machine in my hand and said I would have to work out for an hour vigorously to burn that off – yikes! It has 140 calories and 28 grams of sugar!! And, Evolution’s Acai Amazon has a walloping 240 calories and 5 grams of sugar! I go for Evolution’s Essential Greens. It is only 3 grams of sugar and 30 calories – terrific!

But now that I have the Vitamix, I make fresh juice at home. The key is to think green – the green veggies are low sugar. As soon as you add fruit, the sugar and calories go up. So, here is my version of morning juice.

In the Vitamix put,

1 cup water

10 green or red grapes

1 big handful fresh spinach

½ cucumber

1 cup sprouts (I like the broccoli sprouts – they actually sweeten the drink)

2 celery sticks

½ tomato

1 small handful fresh parsley

¼ lemon peel and all

Smoosh it all down and add 1 cup of ice cubes.

Turn machine on and quickly put to High.

Voila – delicious, fresh green juice!!! If it is a bit thick, just add more ice and whip. Or you can add water.

This makes about a quart, good for a few days.

Looks perfect in a pink glass!


Of course, you can add and subtract anything you like. I throw in what I have – carrots, beets, watercress, kale, etc. And, if you need it sweeter, throw in a couple of strawberries.

I like to follow my juice with half a whole wheat muffin and some coffee, because I like to chew on something too and I like my coffee. But if you can just have the juice for breakfast, even better!

Think I’m crazy? Do this test – one morning, have eggs and toast and bacon. Then, another morning have the green juice above. You will feel the difference. I feel much more energetic, light and healthy with the juice breakfast.

Bon Appetit!