If you have a pet, especially a dog, you will understand.


Miss Winnie was found in a very desolate place but I have a suspicion that she landed here by way of Paris. She just seems so…well…French. She is always dressed well – her hair is coiffed and her tail is like a plume – elegant and fun. She is a very persnickety eater, and when she eats, she eats slowly, savoring her food. When given a treat, she takes it ever so gently from you and will drop it, look at it like a gourmet surveying meat, and decide whether or not it is suitable for her palate. She stands completely straight with head held high. I once was stopped by a lady who told me that Miss Winnie had perfect posture.

In fact, we get stopped all the time due to Miss Winnie’s beauty, charm and effervescent, inviting personality. It is rather embarrassing when I am out with friends and their dogs because most often than not, Miss Winnie is the center of attention and gets big oohs and ahhhs. She is, in a word, perfect. I am often asked what breed Miss Winnie is and the only thing I know is that she is part chow. I believe she is chow and spitz. Some say she looks like a giant Pomeranian. Either way, she is a true original and shall never be duplicated. One woman demanded I tell her where I got Miss Winnie so she could go get one and I have heard “I want that dog!” more than once. One woman held Miss Winnie’s head in her face, and said “What a Cover Girl face!” I agree.

Miss Winnie is a social butterfly. She loves everyone. She may growl at first, a deep Chow growl, but it is mere dramatics that dissipate once she is given a rub on the head. She loves people. The UPS man is in love with her and brings her treats every time. She tolerates children – they are a bit rambunctious for her taste. She despises their loud toys. She adores other dogs, all kinds but mostly the ones smaller than her so they can “look up to her.” Hee hee. She is a princess in every way. She has outfits, however she usually does not wear them, only showing how Miss Winnie prefers to be herself and does not need pomp or circumstance to shine. Like a Parisian refined lady who wears barely any makeup and simple, elegant clothing, Winnie too prefers a subtle elegance.

Miss Winnie does love to run, and play, and will jump in the waves like she is posing for a swimsuit calendar. She does not like swimming, she leaves that to the labs and other more hearty breeds. At 11 years old, she is still spry as a young lady. On our walks, people are incredulous when told her age. They usually guess she is about 2 or three years old. This is probably due to her diet of organic cuisine and fresh chicken every day. Miss Winnie does not like loud noises. Getting used to living with her mother’s new husband was difficult as these man creatures tend to be loud, banging things, making a mess. Miss Winnie prefers a calm, organized environment.

Miss Winnie can be sassy. She whips her hair. That is, if she had hair, she would whip it. Let me ‘splain. You know the song “Whip My Hair?” Ok. I LOVE it. So much fun. Every morning, Miss Winnie gets SO enthusiastic about her walk, you would think she was a kid going to Disneyland. She literally bounces down the stairs and runs back and forth near the door and breathes heavily. And she throws her head around as if she is whipping her hair – almost in circle motion. It is amazing.

Miss Winnie wears a pink collar with sparkly rhinestones. Miss Winnie sleeps on the bed. No exceptions.

Miss Winnie is the light of my life, the most special furry person in the whole wide world and my first-born!


LADIES – enjoy your pets!! It is one of the most meaningful relationships of your life.