Hello you sexy ladies!!!

Week two – here we go. S Factor.

I am sore from the intro class. So it is doing something. That’s good. I wonder if the first class in the 8 week session will be as fun and as interesting as the intro class. I am still feeling like it’s a bit laughable that I am going to pole dancing class.

I remember back a few years ago that I had a client that had done the S Factor class. She was a gorgeous tall model and was married to a very famous TV soap star. When this mother of two told me she was taking a pole dancing class, I was taken aback. What for? I thought. Sounded cheesy. But she said it made her feel great and loved the music. I dismissed it thinking that celebrities will do crazy things. I have to say though, I kept remembering that her body was FIERCE! Could the dance class have something to do with that? Hmmm…..

I admit that I didn’t know what the hell to wear to this. I wasn’t about to embrace the booty shorts that the instructor wore so proudly. Baby steps, my dear. But regular workout stuff seemed so…regular. I opted for capri leggings and a sports bra. Whatever.

The ladies in the class seemed like girls on the first day of school – excited, very nervous and just wanting everyone to like them. I can relate. But as soon as the lights went down and the music started and the instructor gently, calmly led us through the warm up grinding hip exercises and other sexy moves, we were like fish to water. Love, love love! I was amazed at how far out I could jut my hips and it felt GOOD. Finally, a class that really stretches those feminine muscles that no bootcamp class will do! You go gyrate your hips like that in your gym class and they will pull a citizen’s arrest on your ass. Scandalous! But here? Have at it ladies! WORK IT!

Towards the end of the class, we FINALLY got to learn a trick on the pole. I was so anxious, I felt my palms sweat. How long had it been since I tried something totally foreign to me? It was exhilarating and petrifying at the same time.

The pole move we learned was the FIREFLY – and let me tell you, it is SEXY. AND, it was a lot easier than I thought. Considering my upper arm strength is that of a small child, the idea of supporting my weight on a pole was rather unfathomable. I was sure that I would be less like a gazelle and more like a bear trying to go up a tree – very unnatural and incredibly hilarious. However, I did it. And I wanted more.

At dinner that night, I told my husband that I was taking the pole dancing class. I wasn’t going to tell him. For one, I would sound like a total hypocrite because I wouldn’t even have dinner with his friend and the girl he was dating because she was a stripper. I was THAT dead set against strippers and I still am. But as I said, this class is not about learning how to dance for men or money. Although, I doubt any boyfriend or husband of the ladies in the pole dancing class are complaining that we are doing this. After all, I came out of today’s class feeling so sexy….well, let’s just say I was excited to see my husband later that day.

Ahem. Anyhoo, I told my husband and he of course, was very enthusiastic. I told him that my feelings about strippers hasn’t changed to which he eye-rolled heavily and said “I know.” I then told him that I learned the Firefly on the pole. Everything stopped. He dropped his knife and fork and wide-eyed said “WHAT’S THE FIREFLY?!” I don’t think I had that much undivided attention since our honeymoon! “Oh, I can’t show you. We don’t have a pole,” I said coyly. He frowned. “Well, can you describe it?” he asked. “Mmmm…. Not really,” I said. I am having so much fun torturing him. Who knew the class would be so fun for the BOTH of us??!!

We are told that in 2 weeks we have to do heels. As in the six-inch stripper heels. I can barely do the moves and sexy walk in bare feet and I NEVER wear heels more than 3 inches… I am a total spaz when it comes to heel-wearing..help. I am going to have to wrap myself in bubble wrap.

LADIES – GET YOUR SEXY ON! It is too easy for us to forget how to feel sexy. I have not been married long, but already, there are times when I am in sweatpants, hair a mess and just don’t give a sh*t. And that’s fine. But we can very easily slip into this program on a regular basis. And my husband, god love him, sometimes only sees the dinner on his plate and the evening news in front of him and I am just not the focus. And that’s fine too – occasionally. You MUST allow yourself to feel special and sexy. Go buy yourself a sexy pair of undies – lace, silk – whatever. Listen – why do you think that guys love the Halloween party with the cheesy girls in the “slutty nurse” or “trampy pirate” costume? Yeah, they are men. You do not need a special reason to wear sexy lingerie. Do it for yourself and you will find that you are walking just a little sexier, confidence is a tad higher. And I promise that the man in your life will appreciate it.