It’s loud, it’s smelly, it’s go, go, GO!

The strong scent of sewers, urban soot, traffic and fresh pizza and bagel dough.

The sun comes through the skyscrapers dappling the streets.

You walk for blocks and blocks, denying your aching feet.

If you need inspiration or a little pick-me-up,

This city is like a triple espresso in a very large cup.

Within a couple of blocks, you have everything you could ever want –

A deli, dry cleaner, drugstore and a gazillion restaurants.

You catch a cab and hold onto your hats,

You’re off to your destination quick as a flash.

Worlds collide on the streets in every race, shape and color,

It is a live fashion show, one person more unusual and cooler than the other.

You could never EVER EVER say that New York is a bore,

I even saw a Muslim woman in full hijab shopping at a Russian Jewish grocery store!



I think that if we sent every kid at age 18 or 20 to this city for a year,

There would be a lot less racism, ignorance and fear,

Because New York is a foreign world where everything just works,

If I don’t get here at least once a year, I truly go Berzerk!!

Ladies – if you haven’t been to New York in a while, then PLEASE go there now!! And if you have never been, well, all I can say is HOLY COW!!! We live once and New York is a place that MUST be seen!