Happy Monday Ladies!

Glorious Bar Harbor Maine


I myself abhor this term because it doesn’t make sense. Mondays are not so happy. I’m not a huge fan of Mondays. The weekends are way too short and Monday represents the start of a long work week. I know it is mostly psychological and I try to tell myself that, as I lay in bed moaning at the clock as the minutes tick, faster and faster past the time I was intended to rise and start my day. I like my work. Of course, I would rather be traveling the world or working on my book from that huge book deal I got (yeah right), but overall, my work is fulfilling. So why am I acting like a kid who doesn’t want to go to school?

What is the big deal about Mondays? Songs have been written about it, jokes have been made, posters created. It is, in essence, another work day, like all the others. However, that weight it gives us feels like a rock on the back of us, making us carry it up a long, slow hill. Grueling, tiresome.

So, in honor of yet another Monday, I give you some photo inspiration to help ease your pain. And I shall rise, find caffeine, walk the pooch, and sit down and begin my work week.

At the Met in New York

The town of Cluny in France

View of Paris from the Eiffel Tower

Angkor Thom in Cambodia


Cambodian girl

Gilroy the Garlic Capital!!


Montage Hotel – Laguna Beach

Jill's dog ready for Halloween

Yosemite is so breathtaking


I love New England!

A very, very VERY happy dog in Napa!

Hawaii coastline is so gorgeous

Fresh lilacs in upstate New York

Huntington Beach sign on apartment – dude!

Best friends – so sweet!


Botero at the Weisman Museum in L.A.

If you like Mondays, please share your wisdom with us. I need a knew Monday attitude!!!