Hello Lovely Ladies!

When I was in India a couple of years ago with my father and little sister, we went to the Ranthambore State Park to see the tigers (baagh). It was a wondrous and exotic place and I was enthralled with the tiger’s strength, commanding presence and sheer beauty. The pure, natural nature of a tiger is so simple yet so powerful. Oh to be a tiger! I encourage you ladies to remember the pure, natural essence of a woman and how powerful we are just by being ourselves. Women are the ones who bring people together. Like tigers, we watch over and see everything and can take action in seconds. We roam the earth and feel connected to it. We are the ones who command respect and power simply by doing our daily tasks. Here’s to you all, the lady tigers!!

I dreamt I was a tiger, the Tigresse of Ranthambore.
Almighty, Almighty, Hear me Roar.
The Indian sun shone down and warmed my fur.
I licked my huge paw and yawned.
Oh, to be the one whom everyone fears,
They are all in hiding, from the antelope to the deers.
But I can wait.
I glide my tongue along my immense teeth,
I am a glorious, most beautiful beast,
Take a look and you’ll agree.
My senses are heightened, at full alert,
Who to eat for dinner and then dessert?
My strength and power I will soon assert.
And they will fall.
But I only take what I need.
To be a natural animal is to be without greed.
I must merely walk around and the others I lead.
That is the way it should be.
Please be wary and watch your step.
I may seem calm but I haven’t leapt.
And I just might.