Happy almost Father’s Day ladies!

I hope you have something fun planned for tomorrow. I am celebrating early since tomorrow is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY and well, my dad is in Paris for Father’s Day, so we already celebrated. Paris – what a lucky duck!

In honor of Father’s Day, I would like to share a poem that I write for my father:

My cool dad on an elephant in India


He is part of my life every day, a constant, yet somehow unfamiliar and mysterious to me.

Far above, the journey to him a great distance, an eternity.

Yet I can see him clearly and his voice is so close and distinct.

And where I am, he is there.

I look up to him, shining brightly, guiding me, illuminating the dark, reassuring me of the way.

He is larger than life and I stop and stare at his greatness. His face is round and full of character.

He looks at me and through me as if to say that he knows me more than I dare to admit.

And where I am, he is there.

Forever hopeful, I wait knowing that no matter what the day holds – turbulent storms or soft calm, caressing breezes or oppressive gloom, he will be there to let me know that a watchful eye is upon me.

And where I am, he is there.

I travel as far as I can, hurriedly at times, wondering if he follows, testing him. And most assuredly, I see him out of the corner of my eye, and I smile.

He may not wish to go where I want, but he does go, for it is his way.

And where I am, he is there.

I study his face, each mood, every angle, longing to understand all. But to get that close would be impossible, for his presence is enormous.

At times, I want him to see my achievements. I stand, chin up, waiting for him, and rejoice in his luminous gaze.

Other times, I so wish for him to look away to my mistakes and ignore my wrongs.

But he is there at all times, and that comforts me.

There is no true darkness as long as he is there.

And where I am, he is there.

My way may twist and turn, at times hectic and unruly.

His path is steady, strong and clear.

I wonder if I will be able to one day also guide and like him, be a full moon.

But at least this I know,

Where he is, I am there.

The theme was pink, so ummmm..this is what my Dad wore!

My dad and I love a good costume!