Hello Ladies in the Pink in white!

Many of you watched the Royal Wedding Friday. Many of you (myself included) tried to avoid this nonsense and went about your business. However, not seeing the details is virtually impossible since it is all over the internet, news, E!, etc. I have nothing against William and Kate. They seem in love and I hope they will be very happy. But I think weddings are meant for those close and personal to you. Of course, when you are royalty, you must make your personal life open to all the looky-loos and crazed fans. Hopefully they will get some peace and quiet on their honeymoon, although I’m sure the papparazzi will be hiding in the bushes while they sip their cocktails. Glad it’s not me.

Speaking of THE wedding…




I mean, really. That is just ridiculous. If you look at mine, then hers, you will see the very close resemblance. Both of our dresses were handmade. Both had exquisite materials (mine was peau-de-soie and antique french lace). Both of our dresses rocked. But MY DRESS was made by one of my best friends, the truly talented Robert Lawlor and love and heartfelt wishes went into each and every stitch. And MY DRESS had pink Swarovski crystals.

And call me old fashioned, but hair up is always more elegant than hair down. The hair just wasn’t regal Kate. Kate may be younger and thinner, it’s true but there will never be another dress like mine, and unfortunately, Kate’s will probably be knocked off a hundred times.

So take that Katie!! The Ladies in the Pink will ALWAYS RULE!!!