I LOOOOOVE cheese!!! I could live on the french diet of bread, cheese and wine.

Many people serve cheese and crackers as an appetizer. This is nice but it tends to get people so full, they have no appetite for dinner. I used to date a french chef who would go CRAZY about this. He would say in his thick french accent “You Ameeericahhns wit youuur beeg hunks of chiz. Eeet is craaazy.”

Eventhough he is a bit over-the-top, I tend to agree with him and try to stay away from serving big hunks of cheese and crackers. It makes people feel full and lethargic and you want them to be hungry for your gourmet meal you will be  serving them. Plus, a big hunk of cheese is just plain boring.

HOWEVER, I still celebrate cheese and I think that a little cheese goes a long way, and a dip can be easy and people tend to like it. And unless they are a neanderthal, they will usually just have a little and then move on and not sit there shoveling it into their mouths. Plus, it is fancier than the cheese wheel. So here it is….


Once upon a time, I had some cheese. So I introduced it to some other cheese and various ingredients and SHAZAAAM was this good! I mean, back of the head eye rolling good! Stomp your feet and jump for joy good!

This recipe sounds so simple but trust me, people will be eating it like Kirstie Alley after a “Dancing with the Stars” performance!

You will need:

One small log of goat cheese (not exotic people. You can find it at any supermarket).

½ cup Shredded Asiago cheese – I get mine at Whole Foods – la di da

One generous squeeze of Garlic Paste – I find mine in tube-form in the produce section of the supermarket near the herbs and such. Brand is called Gourmet Garden.

½ cup mayonnaise – I use the olive oil blend kind.

Ground pepper – about 1 tsp.

1 tablespoon dried onion flakes


Puree all of the above in the food processor. Put in either small loaf pan or small ceramic baking dish.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Bake for less time if you don’t want it so soft.

Serve in bowl with crackers on side. Dip away!

I love this dip because you can add more or less of whatever you like until it tastes good to you. I personally add more garlic than is socially acceptable to my dishes.

If you want it spicy, add some crushed red pepper flakes.

If you want to add some freshness, add some finely chopped chives or basil.

If you want it to be sassy, have Perez Hilton stick his finger in it.