Hi Ladies!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

If you celebrated Easter, I hope you had lots of sweet stuff. If you didn’t celebrate Easter, I hope you had lots of sweet stuff. 😉

The husband and I spent our Easter morning peeling potatoes. No, we did not join the Army. We volunteered at a soup kitchen called Someone Cares.

This soup kitchen is a great organization that is open 7 days a week, year-round. I finally got my act together and signed us up to work there on Easter morning. Now, I do not want to give you yet another lecture about volunteering and how important it is and that you should go do it now and why aren’t you doing it now and what do I need to do to help you go and do it now. 🙂

I will tell you that the benefits of volunteering are endless and if you don’t know them, go volunteer and find out. Most soup kitchens let you volunteer for just a few hours, so you can still go and do your holiday with your family. Sweet!

We arrived to the main room where lots was going on.  Tables were being set up, people were discussing decorations, others were off trying to locate the missing chairs. It was pandemonium in general. We were brought back to the industrial kitchen to roll up our sleeves and peel potatoes. At the helm of this battleship is Lo, a force to be reckoned with. Commanding voice, kind smile, pink shirt. LOVE her. Many of the kids working in the kitchen are there to fulfill community service. As in court-appointed work. As in perhaps some troubled youth. You could tell that Lo was used to cattle-prodding these kids. Nothing got by her. A couple boys walked by carrying chairs and one said “Oh she is NOT going to like that. You’re going to be in so much trouble.” That’s right. Don’t mess with Lo. She takes what she does very seriously and had that kitchen buzzing like a beehive on steroids.

My husband and I peeled potatoes with a quiet youth named Ben (not his real name). He was wearing his iPod and did not look too thrilled to peel potatoes. But I feel that life is to be enjoyed so we asked him questions about school, girls, etc. and had him laughing and talking to us. Turns out, he was a court-appointed youth and I told him that there were worse things to have to be doing than peel potatoes. He agreed.

We then were put on fruit duty, cutting up fruit for fruit salad. A young man joined us – I’ll call him Lou. He was 20 years old and had volunteered just because. No family there making him volunteer. He just did it on his own. Impressive. So, we worked with Ben on my left and Lou on my right. I tried to talk to the kids as much as possible. I found out their music likes and dislikes. Old school rock, yes. Most of the new music, no. I cracked bad jokes. “Did you boys wash your hands?” Yes, they said. “Okay, you can pick the fruit, but you can’t pick your nose. There will be no nose picking while we are preparing food.”

I found out that Lou had just lost 70 pounds on his own! He had been brought up on a Latin diet, heavy in carbs and fat. He started running. Quite a cool kid. I found out that Ben liked asparagus and artichokes! I had asked him what kind of food he liked and I thought for sure he was going to say burgers, or tamales (boy am I stereotyping!). But no. He works as a busboy in a fancy restaurant and is very interested in what is happening in the kitchen. Just goes to show you folks, you can’t assume anything about people.

We finished up and had to go and gave the guys a big hug. We will definitely be back.

I then went to my S Factor Pole class. I had to.  Just because it is Easter doesn’t mean the ladies won’t be getting their groove on. I felt that Jesus wanted me to work the pole on Easter just to prove the point that we live in a diverse world. Workin’ the Pole for Jesus – could be a great new campaign. Yes, I am being sarcastic. Welcome to my personality. I handed out homemade Easter cookies in class while wearing my stripper heels. Yin and yang ladies. More about the pole later.

I rushed home to shower so we could go to my sister’s house. I wrapped up the cake. OH THE CAKE. Yes, I made it. I call it the:


It is not going to win any beauty contests. The icing came out thin and the pink color I was going for turned out more pukey than pretty. But I knew that in this case, looks weren;t everything. I knew the cake would taste delicious. And you know what? It did! Rich chocolate and sweet, sugary cream cheese frosting. So all I can say to all of you ladies who are afraid to bake, just try. So what if your cookies crumble or your cake looks scary. Baking is fun and creative and people will love you for it!

I also have to credit my husband who, after looking at the cake said to me “You can tell them I made it if you want.” He’s a keeper!